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Gently stretch & strengthen your body, improve your breathing, boost your immune system and relax deeply in these classes.

Location: Parsons Mead Cricket Club, Ottways Lane, Ashtead, KT21 2PE.

For more formation regarding the sessions, please call directly Lauren on 07957121923 or




As we are all different and unique beings, some of us benefit most from body relaxation strategies, in the form of massage, shiatsu and reflexology. Other people benefit more from mind relaxation strategies, and I specialise in hypnotherapy, relaxation techniques, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy. All help to break deeply ingrained and unwanted behavioural patterns and unlock your inner resources. Your aim might be recovery from or prevention of a sports or postural injury, relief from a physical or medical symptom, to improve fertility or simply just to relax. I can help you to free yourself from fear or doubt accumulated in the past. Also to help you to open the door to new possibilities, and see the vitality you hold inside of yourself.
Sessions will be tailored to your needs and goals, whether you are looking for body or mind relaxation, or a combination of both. Whilst we work together you are always in control. 




My work is rooted in the power of nature and its healing qualities. Nature’s ability to thrive and grow and reclaim manmade structures, is an endless source for my creativity.

To me this process of growth and reclamation becomes a metaphor for one’s own strength over adversity and our ability to heal.

I explore the idea of nature as a force to heal through surface design. I work mainly with stoneware, making slab work and use a variety of glaze combinations and techniques. The bold glazes and the dark black slabs of clay represent a contrast between nature and man.

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for my work and particularly its resilience to overcome the trauma inflicted by man. I often refer to this healing process as a form of “Natural Kintsugi’; nature healing the cracks.




Studies have shown that physical activity levels tend to reduce significantly after cancer diagnosis and remain low for many years after treatment is completed. From this low baseline there is great scope for exercise interventions to improve the health and well-being of patients with cancer. Cancer diagnosis can signal a “teachable moment” with patients often demonstrating an enhanced motivation to change lifestyle behaviours, especially within the year after diagnosis.
More and more evidence points to the fact that even moderate exercise can have very positive results for people with cancer. A systematic review of 33 controlled trials (25 randomised) concluded that exercise interventions during and after cancer treatment can lead to moderate increases in physical function with no evidence of increased symptoms of fatigue or other adverse effects. Several other recent reviews also concluded that exercise has a large potential to improve both physical and psycho-social aspects of quality of life in patients with cancer during and after treatment.
Exercise also has been shown to give patients the sense that cancer treatment isn’t just about surgery, drugs and radiation. It gives them a sense that they can do something for themselves, and for some people that is tremendously important.
For more information regarding the exercises, please call directly Sandra on 07768 790887. 




Dietician - Diet Matters - Personalised to you

I take pride in offering a personalised service that is tailored to individual needs and circumstances.
This can start with a free 10 minute phone/ Skype consultation to help identify your requirements, feel free to call me on 07789 778990 or email me on to arrange a call time.
To allow me to understand more about your specific needs please take 5 minutes of your time to complete our questionnaire. I will then be in touch with a recommended course of action.

Visit my website to find out more about my services and how best I can help you.




My name is Beth Gretton-Barlow and I manage the Ashtead branch of Alan
Greenwood and Sons , one of our 23 branches.
Alan Greenwood & Sons are a truly independent family Funeral Directors
and Memorial Masons who have been serving the community for many years
in different ways.

All our staff are fully trained, professional, sensitive and with genuine compassion to help you. Your calls will be taken in person, with complete confidentiality 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We can also arrange for a home visit if you are unable to come to us. Nothing is too much trouble and we pride ourselves on the service we provide feeling
privileged to be chosen to take your loved one on their final journey.
Our aim is to carry out your requests with the utmost dignity and attention to detail.

Please see our website for more information




Tenovus Choir - Every Monday 6.30pm - 8pm - All Saints’ Church, Onslow Village, GU2 7QJ.
Join our Surrey choir! 
Singing is a powerful force. It unites people, improves well-being and it makes you happier. The best bit is, everybody can sing - even if you don’t think you can! Our Sing with Us choirs are for anyone affected by cancer. We have a choir near you and new people are joining us all the time. Pop along whenever you like, for a song and a cuppa. 
For more information about the choir please contact Vicky Hodges on 07875 692409 for Guilford 
contact Katey Warran on or 07399 528 611 for Sutton.